About Me

My path is a path of diversity and growth instead of specialization. I focused on being very good at adapting to a wide range of projects and requirements instead of being the best at one single thing. And this has given me a very unique skill set.

Business and Strategic Marketing Degree in hand, I jumped alone into video-production and within a year and a half was producing advertorials for Adidas. After producing content in 24+ countries for web and TV, I co-founded a series A startup and have been managing and advising B2C and B2B companies ever since. I also set partnerships with companies such as Canon, AXA Insurance or Panasonic.

My real strength is that I have an overarching understanding of the necessary components of operating a digital business: CEO experience for a wider view, marketing experience for product and promotion and even enough technical knowledge to discuss technical briefs with the CTO or developers.

When I’m not advising and building products, I’m a mentor to entrepreneurs in Imec.istart Startup Accelerator, taking pictures or perfecting my Italian.


Every project or campaign is different and I love working with passionate and interesting people.

Let's have a call and discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them.

3 Things I Can Help You With



Looking for support with targeting, product or marketing campaigns, I can help you achieve your goals. Looking for more than consulting? I can be your part-time CMO or CMO's helping hand.



I have extensive experience founding and operating businesses. And can help you both as an advisor (hands-off) or member of your team (hands-on).


Content Production Coaching

Having produced content all over the world for web, TV and Cinema, using smartphones and $150k cameras, I can help you create better photos and videos, whether you are a individual or marketing department.